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Testing Foods
Task with Student Directions
Contributed by: New York State Alternative Assessment in Science Project (NYSED)
1996 Administration

Task: At this station, you will find out which of several food samples contain fats in the form of oils.


  • 6 brown paper squares
  • 4 food samples
  • dropper bottle with oil
  • dropper bottle with water
  • waste cups
  • paper towels
  • data sheet
  • bag samples A and B


  1. Place one brown paper square below the dropper bottles and the foods on your data sheet.
  2. Place one drop of water on a brown paper square.
  3. Describe what happened to the brown paper square with the drop of water.

  4. Place one drop of oil on a brown paper square.
  5. Describe what happened to the brown paper square with the drop of oil.

  6. Gently rub each of the foods against a brown paper square.
  7. Using the information from your paper squares, determine which food samples contain oil.
  8. According to your tests, write the names of the food samples that contain oil in the space below.

  9. What evidence from the paper squares did you use to determine which of the food samples contain oil?

  10. Look carefully at the bag samples marked A and B. In the space below, explain why you think potato chips could be sold in bag type A and not bag type B.

  11. When you are finished making observations, throw the brown paper squares that you used for testing in the waste cup.


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