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Hey, Look Me Over!

1st Grade Performance Task
Developed for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Authors: Betty Crocker, Janette Fentress, Virginia Malone, Theresa Weeks

Hey, Look Me Over

Proficient Achievement: Level 4

The life cycle is complete.
Observations include:

  • Measurements

  • Descriptions of movements

  • Descriptions using each of the senses.

The life cycle labels are placed so that it is clear to what they belong.
Observations are organized.

The life cycle and its labels are accurate.
Measurements are accurate to the nearest centimeter.
The student clearly understands that more mealworms are being produced all the time.

Adequate Achievement: Level 3

Too many minor errors or a single major error are evidence that an adequate level of achievement is reached but not a proficient level.

Limited Achievement: Level 2

Major errors confirm that this limited level of achievement is less than adequate.

Insufficient Achievement: Level 1

The incomplete and inaccurate work coupled with illogical reasoning indicate an insufficient level of achievement.


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