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Hey, Look Me Over!
Task with Student Directions

1st Grade Performance Task
Developed for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Authors: Betty Crocker, Janette Fentress, Virginia Malone, Theresa Weeks


Students observe the characteristics of mealworms.


  • Containers of mealworm larva and oats
  • Hand lenses
  • Rulers
  • "Hey, Look Me over" observation chart
  • Cotton swabs

Time Frame:

1 (30 minute) class period


  1. Ask students to make observations of the mealworms looking at the details then collect measurements. Allow students to complete their own mealworm observation chart.

    Teacher Talk: Keep this chart for use in "More Lizard Snacks"

  2. Students should share their observations in small groups and add observations that other students made.

  3. Make a class list of observations. Allow each student to add an observation to the list until the class is satisfied. Be sure that the list of observations contain the average length of the mealworms and the number of legs.

  4. All students should add to their observation list so they have a complete list.


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