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Ice Cold
Technical Quality Information

Contributed by: Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT)

Development Process:

Content Review
Content Experts (Curriculum Directors), Science Teachers, and Supervisors
Sensitivity Review
Committee convened comprised of content experts and science teachers
How were tasks reviewed?
Committee convened at Connecticut Department of Education








Administration Information:

Demographics of Students Tested

Represented - over 100 students
Represented - over 100 students
Socio-economic status
Represented - over 100 students
Represented - over 100 students
Limited-English proficient
Represented - over 100 students


Number of Students Tested

For each task, over 1000 students per grade level were tested.


Reliability and Additional Analyses:

Interrater Reliability
Yes - interrater reliability was over 85%. Reliability varied by subject matter and type of item.
Generalizability Studies
Yes- cut scores and internal consistency were measured.


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