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Contributed by: Assessment of Performance Unit
1985 Administration

Maximum Score - 24 Points

Please check if the student acts as indicated. If you have to prompt, either for safety's sake or to get some action, write "P" instead of a check and make a note of what was said on the paper. Any action not anticipated in the checklist should be noted on the paper.

If students are entirely unfamiliar with a particular technique, do not over-prompt. (Say something like "Don't worry, if you can't remember it or have never done it, just stop.")

Blue Checklist

Pupil letter  
Pupil number  

  P or Notes
Uses safety goggles.  
Handling Chemicals    
1. Adds powder P to test tube, with spatula.  
2. Puts spatula down in suitable place.  
3. Puts test tube in rack.  
4. Puts lid on container.  
5. Adds acid Q to test tube.  
6. 1/4 full.  
7. Lights Bunsen burner.  
8. Adjusts flames by rotating collar.  
9. Adjusts flames by turning tap.  
10. Holds test tube in holder.  
11. Holds test tube in angled.  
12. Holds test tube in safe direction.  
13. Holds test tube using top half of flame.  
14. Holds test tube and keep it moving.  
15. Holds test tube until boiling.  
16. Stops when boiling.  
17. Put test tube in rack.  
18. Puts filter funnel in flask.  
19. Folds filter paper suitably.  
20. Inserts it in funnel.  
21. Pours in mixture.  
22. Pours without over-filling.  
23. Pours without by-passing filter paper.  


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