Common Error when Developing Tasks:
  1. Generating tasks with no input from stakeholders may lead to narrowly designed tasks and the creation of tasks that are not credible to others.

  2. Choosing tasks that do not:

    • match the specific instructional intentions you wish to assess

    • adequately represent the content and skills you expect students to attain

    • enable students to demonstrate their progress and capabilities

  3. Modifying an existing task and thereby changing its difficulty--making it too easy or hard.

  4. Altering the task and thereby making the equipment and materials typically used in these tasks unsuitable.

  5. Modifying tasks so they require more equipment, time, or expertise than is available.

  6. Not reviewing the tasks for bias.

  7. Increasing the complexity of a task or simplifying it, so that it can be used with younger or older children, without considering the task's appeal or meaningfulness to students at different grade levels.

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