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4th Grade Performance Task
Contributed by: Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)
Performance Events 1993-94

Swingers Scoring Guide

Student's data are consistent, showing an increase in swinging frequency (rate) as wire is shortened, and showing that the rate stays nearly the same for the trials in which weight is the variable. Individual response states that the only thing that changes the rate of swing is changing the length of the wire. The response shows that only one variable was changed for each test. Student makes it clear that Marcia and Kevin only had to make their swings equal length to have the same rate of swing. Student identifies corresponding parts of the swing and pendulum systems.
Student's data sheet may show some errors in measurement, but results are mostly accurate. Response shows that the rate of swing varies due to the length of the wire. Student's individual report correctly identifies length as the only variable that changes the rate of swing, but the statements may be somewhat confused. Student concludes that the length of the swings must be changed to get equal rates, but may not clearly say that the two swings must be the same length. Student may only partially compare the pendulum and swing systems.
Student's data sheet is fair or good, with errors that obscure the length of the wire as the variable that determines the rate of swing. Response may show evidence that variables were not controlled. Student's may conclude that changing the weight changes the rate. Student's solution for getting the swings to go at the same rate is unclear or wrong. Comparison of the two systems is incomplete or missing.
Student's data sheet may have some correct measurements, but is incomplete, and does not show expected result. Student's individual work shows minimal understanding of the group's data. Conclusion, if reached, is not justified.
Response is totally incorrectly or irrelevant.
No response.



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