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Discovering the Problem of Solid Waste
Task with Student Directions

4th-5th Grade Performance Task
Developed by Lake County Educational Service Center, Illinois


Do you have the items in the diagram?

1. Examine the items in the garbage can.

2. Sort the items into the following categories:



Food Waste



Yard Waste



3. Count and record the number of items in each category.

Paper __________ Plastic __________ Other __________
Metal __________ Yard Waste _________  
Food Waste __________ Glass __________  

4. List the categories from above in order from least number of items to greatest number of items.

Least _______________________
Greatest _______________________


5. Use your answer from questions #3 and #4 to help complete the graph on page two. Place the names of each category on the lines below the graph in order from least to greatest.

_______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ _______


6. Color the data for each category a different color.

7. What could you do in order to reduce the amount of solid waste in this garbage can?



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