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Run For Your Life
Task with Student Directions
Contributed by: New York State Alternative Assessment in Science Project (NYSED)
1996 Administration

Task: At this station, you will be drawing a diagram to represent events occurring when a fox tries to catch a rabbit to eat.


  1. Read the story below:

    One day a rabbit is sitting behind a bush. The rabbit comes out from behind the bush to nibble on some grass. The rabbit doesn't know that a fox is hiding behind a nearby rock. When the rabbit comes out the fox begins to chase him. The rabbit runs toward a hole that is at the bottom of a tree. The fox chases the rabbit to the hole, but the rabbit gets safely inside. The fox walks away to wait for another rabbit.

  2. Suppose you went out into the woods right after this happened. What kinds of animal tracks would you find? What kinds of patterns would there be in the tracks?

  3. Use the paper and colored pencils or crayons on the table to draw a picture of what you might find if you went into the woods right after this event occurred. Read the story as many times as you need to in order to form a picture of the events in your mind.

    It is not necessary to draw a picture of a fox or a rabbit.
    Use symbols to represent the animal's tracks such as:
    • X as a symbol for the rabbit's tracks and
    • O as a symbol for the fox's tracks.
    If you use symbols other than X and O it is necessary to put a key at the top of your diagram.

    Draw your diagram on the piece of paper provided for you.


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