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People Interacting with the Environment
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Contributed by: Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)

Student #2

This is an example of score points of 3 for both questions demonstrated.

TASK: S/SS1- People Interacting with the Environment


Write your name and school name on the lines above. Do not open this test until the directions tell you to do so.

The purpose of this task is to explore the characteristics of different environments and the ways people and animals live in those environments. You will have a total of 45 minutes to complete this task. You may use up to 30 minutes to complete the group portion of the task, on the front and back pages of this form. When you finish the group activity, someone from your group should tell the person in charge. Then you may complete the rest of the test by yourself.

Your group should have the following materials:
  • three data sheets
  • three pictures and three labels
  • set of animal pictures
  • pencils


Your group is going to explore three different types of environments - arctic, temperate, and tropical. Then you are going to explore how the environment affects the way people live.

Begin by matching the large pictures with the correct label: Arctic Environment, Temperate Environment, Tropical Environment

  1. Discuss the characteristics of each environment.
  2. Study the picture of the animal on each small card. Turn the card over and read the information about that animal. Then match the animal with the environment in which your group thinks it lives.

Please continue the group work on page 2.


There are two questions on this response form. Read both questions before you begin you begin to write.

The pictures on the next page show two different environments.

  1. What do people in the tropical environment (the first picture) need to live comfortably? What would their lives be like?

  2. What do people living in the arctic environment (the second picture) need to live comfortably? How would their lives be different from the lives of the people living in the tropical environment?

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