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CATEGORY 4 Student uses a diagram and words to clearly show that a complete circuit is needed to make the bulb light. Explains clearly how to use the tester to discover the hidden wires and shows a possible correct drawing of the new puzzle board. Correctly describes a process that would discover an existing wire in the toy.
CATEGORY 3 Student uses a diagram and words to show a complete circuit, but makes minor errors. Correctly describes process for discovering wires in puzzle board and draws an acceptable solution to the puzzle board (may show excess wires). May make errors in solving the toy problem.
CATEGORY 2 Student fails to show or describe a complete circuit to light the bulb, but does solve the puzzle board, OR correctly describes a complete circuit but makes errors with the puzzle board. Makes errors in attempting to solve the toy problem.
CATEGORY 1 Student attempts individual tasks, but shows minimal understanding of circuits or using the tester to solve problems.
CATEGORY 0 Response is totally incorrect or irrelevant.
BLANK Blank/no response.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Making the tester light requires a simple complete circuit with a cell (or battery) with two contacts and a bulb with two contacts and an element shown between them. To be completely correct a continous path should be shown, although some imprecision is allowed at this level. It is not possible to discover exactly where the wires in the puzzle boards are, but only where complete circuits between contacts exist. Some students will show excess wires without being wrong. Strategies will vary. The toy problem is only an extension of the use of the tester with the puzzle board.


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