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Packing Materials
Contributed by: The New York State Education Department (NYSED)

Maximum Score - 6 Points

Question 1. Observations of packing materials in water 4 points total

Standard: The student will describe what happened to each object when it was placed in water.
    Point Criteria:
  • 1 point for each appropriate description
      Packing Peanut:
    • stayed the same shape, size, color, etc.
    • did not change, nothing happened
    • floated, stayed on the top of the water
    • did not dissolve
    • got soggy, soaked up/absorbed water
    • tore apart
    • did not float, sunk
    • stuck to the cup
      Packing Pellet
    • dissolved, melted, broke up, disappeared, etc.
    • it cannot be taken out in the same form it was put in
    • shriveled (shrunk) up
    • floated at first
    • made the water frothy or bubbly
    • shriveled or shrunk up
    • floated, stayed on the top of the water
    • got soggy, soft, mushy
    • broke into pieces, got smaller
    • did not dissolve

Question 2A. Name the best packing material No credit

Standard: The student chooses what he/she feels is the best packing material.
Question 2B. Explanation of choice for packing 1 point total

Standard: The student explains why he/she has chosen the item as a packing material.
    Point Criteria:
  • 1 point is given for a valid explanation of the student's choice.
      Sample of acceptable explanations:
    • it would protect the object
    • it is soft and would wrap around the object
    • it could fit into nooks and crannies and little spots
    • it doesn't break up into pieces
    • it would stay together even if it got wet

Question 3. Environmental implications of packing material's use 1 point total
Standard: The student states a problem or benefit of using the material named in question 2A.
    Point Criteria:
  • 1 point for an appropriate explanation of problem or benefit.
    The student's explanation must be about the material stated in question 2A. It cannot be about another material.
      Sample of appropriate responses:
    • it is or is not biodegradable
    • it does or doesn't break down easily
    • it takes too long to break down
    • it takes up too much space
    • it can or can't be re-used or recycled
    • it is harmful to animals
    • Animals can eat it
    • it doesn't take up space in a landfill

Highest possible score -6 points



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