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Grade K-4 Performance Task
Contributed by: New York State Education Department (NYSED)
NYS Alternative Assessment in Science Project (1996)

Maximum Score
6 Points

1. Standard: The student will record his/her observations about the objects in the data table.


  • 1 point for each object if the student draws an appropriate diagram or gives an appropriate description of his/her observations.
    *** No points are given for the "good or poor" column. This question is intended to give the students a focus for the next question.

Sample of appropriate responses:

Clear block

  • The letters stayed the same
  • There was not change in the letters
  • The letters didn't look any different
  • Nothing happened

Clear ball and Clear rod

  • It made the letters bigger
  • It turned the letters upside down
  • It made the letters bigger, but it was still blurry
  • The letters were bigger, but they weren't very clear
  • Could see through it, but not very well

White rod

  • Couldn't see through it

*** No points are being given for the hand lens. It is being used to set a standard for the student.

4 points total

2. No points are awarded for this question

No points given

3. Standard: The student will write a sentence giving two properties of good magnifiers which includes transparency and a curved exterior surface.


  • 1 point for each appropriate property

Sample of appropriate responses:

  • round or curved
  • clear or transparent
  • thick or thicker in the middle than at the edges
  • you can see through it
  • it's curved like glasses
2 points total

Highest possible score
6 points

Scoring Form - Magnifiers

Student ID __________________

Male / Female (circle one)

Circle the student's score for each question. Add the points for each question and write the total score at the bottom of the scoring form.

Hand Lens   Not Rated  
Clear block
Clear rod
Clear block
White rod
2. Choose the best magnifier  
Not rated
3. Properties of magnifiers

Total Score _____________

Total possible score - 6



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