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The Food We Eat
Task with Student Directions
Contributed by: Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO/SCASS)


Welcome to this science exercise. We hope that you will find it interesting and fun. Carefully read through these directions and the directions on the next page before you begin to work.

You may be part of a group for the first part of this exercise. Each group should carry out the experiment and collect the information together. But each student must record the information in his or her own booklet. Be sure to record the information exactly as you see it. After the information has been collected, each student should answer the questions alone.

After you have finished your experiment and have recorded all of the information, you will be asked to answer some questions about the experiment and the information you recorded. Your answers must be written in this test booklet in the space provided. Make sure that you understand each question before you begin to write. At any time while you are writing your answers, you may look back to the directions for the experiment and the information you collected. Be sure that your answers are written as clearly and neatly as possible.

Before you turn the page, read the list of materials given below and check to make sure that your group has everything listed.

No Extra Materials Are Needed For This Test







The Food We Eat

Do you know which foods are good for you? How many servings of fruit should you eat each day? How much bread should you eat? In this exercise you will find out about these things.

Look at the food pyramid below. This pyramid shows different groups of foods. For each group, the pyramid tells how many servings a person should have each day.


Please answer the following questions by yourself.

  1. How many servings from each food group should you eat each day?

    Food Group Number of servings
    milk, yogurt, cheese  
    meat, poultry, beans, eggs, nuts  
    bread, cereal, rice, pasta  

  2. Explain why you think people should eat foods from several of the food groups each day.







    Use the information in the pyramid to plan your meals for a whole day. Be sure to make a healthy plan. Include the correct number of servings from each food group. Describe what you will eat and when in the day you will eat it. Write down everything you will eat. Write in the table below.

    Time of day What you will eat


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