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Examples of Student Work
Contributed by: Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS)

There is one example for each item with no score points are available here.



At this station you should have:

Three containers (or cups) marked A, B, C

Three thermometers

A clock or watch

A container with very hot water. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SPILL HOT WATER.

Pieces of card to use as a fan if you wish

A roll of paper to wipe up spills

A measuring cup

Read ALL directions carefully.

Your task:

Find out which of the containers will keep a hot drink warm for the longest time.

This is what you should do:

  • Place a thermometer in each of the containers BEFORE the hot water is poured in. Your teacher will pour the hot water when you are ready. BE CAREFUL. THE WATER IS VERY HOT.

  • Measure the temperature on each thermometer as soon as the hot water is poured in.

  • Write these measurements and the time in the table on the opposite page.

  • Now you will take measurements over a total of 10 minutes.

->Decide how often to read each themometer.

->Write your measurements in the table on the opposite page.

ITEMS 1, 2, AND 3



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