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Color Dots 3
Task with Student Directions
Contributed by: New York State Alternative Assessment in Science Project (NYSED)

Task: At this station, you will be observing the effect of water on dots of different colors.


  • 1 filter paper with colored tabs

  • 1 cup with water

  • Paper towels


  1. Before you are a small cup of water and a piece of cut filter paper.

  2. Bend the tabs with colored dots upwards as shown in the diagram.

  3. Next, turn the paper upside-down and place the four tabs into the small cup. Be sure the colored dots are above the water surface, but be sure that each of the tabs is touching the surface of the water.


  4. After about 1 minute, when the first color reaches the top of the tab, remove the paper and flatten it out on a paper towel.

Colored Dots 3
Answer Sheet

  1. Describe what you observed about each of the dots.

    Yellow Dot

    Green Dot

    Red Dot

    Black Dot

  2. Explain why the red dot acted differently than the other dots.

  3. Explain why the black dot acted the way it did.


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