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Development of a Nutritional Snack
Examples of Student Work
Contributed by: Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

Here are examples for each score point ranging from 0 up to 4.

Event Score = 0

III. Packaging and Labeling Your Nutritional Snack

  1. Design a package for your snack. Include a label that lists all the ingredients and the nutritional information that you think are important.

IV. Market Research

  1. Develop an advertisement for your snack. Your advertisement should highlight the important features of your snack and convince consumers to buy it. Your advertisement can be a radio commercial, television commercial, magazine advertisement, or poster. Do not feel constrained by things that have already been done--be creative!

  2. Design a taste test for consumers. Explain what you would do and what questions you would ask consumers.

In the back of your proposal include appendices that list all the information you collected. This may include tables, forms, etc., that would serve as a summary of your activities during this project.

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