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Rain Drops
Task with Student Directions
Contributed by: Assessment Performance Unit (APU)

You have been given water in a dropping bottle, a hand lens, and several different materials used on the outside of buildings.

Notice any differences between the materials and use these observations to suggest what would happen to a drop of water on a chimney pot.

a) Place a drop of water on each material in turn and watch carefully.

Write down what happens to the drop of water:

Plastic  __________________________________________________________________________

Painted wood  _____________________________________________________________________

Brick  ____________________________________________________________________________

Metal  ____________________________________________________________________________

Roof tile  _________________________________________________________________________

Glass  ____________________________________________________________________________

b) Use your hand lens to look at the surface of each material.

Now look at the surface of the pieces of chimney pot in the bag.

Do not take it out of the bag.

Say what you think would happen to a drop of water placed on the piece of chimney pot:





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