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Exploring the Maplecopter

Student's Scoring Guide

Exploring the MapleCopter Dimension III - Collaboration

Write your name and today's data at the top of side 2 and for each question, fill in the appropriate box to describe your behavior in the group during this task. Please note that items 3, 7 and 15 are different from the others; when you rate these items, be aware that you are pointing out a problem.

After you have completed your self-ratings, circulate them to each person in your group for his or her review and signature. If any member of your group disagrees with your ratings of yourself, please discuss with that person the reasons for the disagreement and then decide whether or not you want to change your original rating.

Signature of Other Group Members

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________

4. ____________________________________________________

5. ____________________________________________________

When each member of your group has approved and signed your rating sheet, please submit this form to your teacher or follow any alternate directions your teacher may have provided.

If you cannot agree on a rating or if you wish to make comments about this process, please use the space below.

This space may be used for COMMENTS


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