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Protocol Test - Soil Temperature
Task with Student Directions

GLOBE Assessment
Grade 9-12

Soil Temperature Protocol Test

The Soil Temperature protocol test assesses students' ability to select a site, prepare and calibrate a thermometer, and to accurately collect soil temperature data.

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Soil Temperature Protocol Test




Student activity & Level of Performance

+ appropriate student performance

- inappropriate student performance

n.a. not appropriate or not observed

Select a Site                                            
Select relatively flat, non compacted sunny area - 5 m diameter w/ uniform characteristics                                            
Note if it has rained with past 24 hours                                            
Preparation & Calibration                                            
Insert thermometer into wooden block so 7 cm extends beyond bottom of block                                            
Calibrate thermometer using atmosphere calibration thermometer                                            
If > 2° C difference reset thermometer per manufacturer's directions                                            
Soil Temperature Measurements                                            
Make pilot hole 5cm deep using nail                                            
Remove nail using twisting motion                                            
If ground cracks / bulges, move 25 cm; retry                                            
Insert thermometer into block to 7 cm                                            
Insert block + thermometer into pilot hole                                            
Record temp at 2 min.; repeat at 1 min. intervals until consecutive reading are 0.5 - 1.0° C; record on data sheet                                            
Remove block + thermometer using twisting motion; remove thermometer from block                                            
Insert thermometer into pilot hole to 12 cm.                                            
Record temp after 2 minutes; repeat at 1 minute intervals until consecutive reading are 0.5 - 1.0° C; record on data sheet                                            


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