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Protocol Test - Water Temperature
Task with Student Directions

GLOBE Assessment
Grade 9-12

Temperature Protocol Test

The Temperature protocol test assesses students' ability to collect accurate water temperature measurements and to post their measurements to the GLOBE database.

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Water Temperature Protocol Test




Student activity & Level of Performance

+ appropriate student performance

- inappropriate student performance

n.a. not appropriate or not observed

Accurate water temperature measurements                                              
Tie string to thermometer and rubber band                                              
Place rubber band around wrist                                              
Hold end of thermometer: shake several times                                              
Record temperature                                              
Immerse thermometer in 10+cm of water; wait 3-5 minutes                                              
Read temperature while bulb of thermometer is still in water                                              
Immerse thermometer for one more minute                                              
Repeat previous steps until you have two similar readings; record temps, date, and time                                              
Submit data to GLOBE                                              
Calculate average using temperatures recorded all student groups                                              
If all temperatures fall within 1 C of class average, submit the average value to the GLOBE Student Data Server                                              
Repeat all measurements until all group measurements are within 1 C of class average; submit the average value to the GLOBE Student Data Server                                              


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