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Task with Student Directions

Contributed by: Assessment of Performance Unit 1989 Administration

Task: At this station, you will demonstrate how well you can use the kind of apparatus you measure things with.

  1. Cut off a length of paper tape 47.3 cm long.
    Put it in the envelope which has your letter on it, and leave it on one side.

  2. Measure out 55 cm3 of water as accurately as you can and pour it into the small plastic beaker. Put the beaker to one side.

  3. Put the plastic bag which has your letter on it on the balance to protect the pan. Put on to it 68 g of plasticine. Be as accurate as you can. Put the plasticine into the plastic bag and leave it on one side.

  4. Put the metal can with your letter on it on the balance, and put into it 82 g of sand.
    Leave the sand in the can and put it on one side.


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