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General Considerations

In parts 1 and 2 the question provides the students with some degree of focus - to select from the vast array of data some features of similarity, and some features of difference between the wasp and crane fly as seen from the photographs. In part 1, answers will not need to be attributed to either insect, but in part 2 a feature of difference will need to be attached either to the wasp or to the crane fly, - and preferably the point of difference described with reference to both insects.

Part 3 provides a purpose for the observation. The student will need to describe those features of similarity which will place ant and wasp together, and distinguish them from the crane fly, either implicitly or explicitly. At this point the expectation might be that the student with a biology background could be at an advantage in that he or she would have more knowledge of classification, and that a non-scientist would be more random in the selection of classification features. The former's use of specialist terms should also be more obvious.


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