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Sun and Temperatures
Contributed by: New York State Alternative Assessment in Science Project (NYSED)

Maximum Score - 10 Points

Question 1. Chart 4 points total


    • Allow 1 point for each correct response
    1. 94oF (34oC)
    2. 88oF (31oC)
    3. 130oF (54oC)
    4. 112oF (44oC)

Question 2- Explanation 4 points total


    • Allow 1 point for each correct explanation based on student’s responses in the chart.

Acceptable student responses;

    • Thermometer A will be warmer than the air temperature because it is in full sun.
    • Thermometer B will be the same as the air temperature (88 o F) because it is always recorded in the shade.
    • Thermometer C will be the hottest because the bag traps sunlight and won't let the heat out.
    • Thermometer D won't warm as much as C because, even if it is in a bag, the water will keep it cooler longer.
    • Allow 0 credit for a response that states a numerical comparison, but does not give a reason.

Question 3. Leaving Pets in a Car on a Warm Day 2 points total


    • Allow 1 point for referring to thermometer C information
    • Allow 1 point for a comparison of a closed-up car to the plastic bag conditions of thermometer C.

Acceptable 2 point response:

    • The closed-up car is just like the plastic bag in the sun. The temperatures were the highest.

Acceptable 1 point response:

    • The closed up car will get very hot because the heat can't get out.

Highest possible score - 10 points



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