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Rubber Band

8th Grade Performance Task
Contributed by: Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS)

Criteria for Fully-Correct Response

Item 1 - Record rubber band length as rings are added. Response is scored for both the quality of the presentation and the quality of data collection.

Quality of presentation.. i) Presents at least 2 sets of measurements in table. ii) Measurements are paired: number of rings and length of rubber band. iii) Label table appropriately: data entries in columns identified by headings and/or units; units incorporated into headings or placed beside each measurement.
Total Possible Points: 2

Quality of data. i) Records length of rubber band for five or more different numbers of rings. ii) Shows reasonable trend in data: rubber band length increases with number of rings (at least for first few measurements); length may increase steadily at first and then stablize or level off; elastic limit of rubber band may be exceeded and measurements toward the end show very large or erratic increases
Total Possible Points: 3

Item 2 - Graph results (graph or bar chart). i) Axes correctly scaled. ii) Axes correctly labeled, including units where appropriate. iii) Measurements recorded in graph are consistent with data table. iv) Graph reflects trend in data.
Total Possible Points: 3

Item 3 - Calculate increase in length of rubber band when rings are added. i) Records amounts consistent with data in table, graph or bar chart. ii) Calculates increase correctly
Total Possible Points: 2

Item 4 - Describe how rubber band length changes as more rings are added. i) Description corresponds to data in table or graph. ii) Identifies trend in data. Trend may show that rubber band length increases consistently with each added ring; initially rubber band length increases consistently, then begins to level off; increases become larger or erractic with more rings (elastic limit of band exceeded); no change in length occurs (rubber band too strong for weights, per administrator notes).
Total Possible Points: 2

Item 5 - Predict increase in length of rubber band. Makes reasonable prediction, based on the data presented in the table or graph.
Total Possible Points: 1

Item 6 - Explain reason for prediction. i) Refers to the increase in length as read from the table or extrapolated from graph. ii) Attempts to relate weight or number or rings to elasticity of the rubber band. iii) Response is consistent with data in table or graph.
Total Possible Points: 2


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