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River Planning
Examples of Student Work
Contributed by: Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)

Question #4

Here examples of student work are organized by discrete score levels for questions 3, 4, and 5 illustrated by the work of various students rather than as complete sets of one student's work.


Write your name, school name, and school code on the lines above. Do not begin this test until the directions tell you to do so.

The purpose of this task is to determine where, how high, and for what purpose (flood control, recreation, hydroelectric power, etc.) to build a dam. You will have a total of 45 minutes to complete this task. You may use up to 20 minutes to complete the group work, found on the first two pages of this form. When you finish the group activity, someone from your group should tell the facilitator. Then you may open this form and follow the directions inside by yourself.

Your group should have the following materials:

  • Plastic model
  • Clay
  • Water in a pitcher
  • Map
  • Ruler
  • Paper towels
  • Pencils


  1. Examine the model of the river valley as well as the map you have been provided. Using this information, discuss possible sites for a dam.
  2. Use the clay to construct a dam on the model. With the water, test the impact of your dam on the nearby areas. Try different locations and dam heights based upon the dam’s purpose. Record the different locations on the group’s map. Record information from the trials in the chart on the next page.


Record information from your group’s tests in this chart.

Site #









































Make sure that each group member’s name appears on the map. One member of the group should insert the map into his or her response form when passing in the completed form.

When you are finished with the work on this page, one member of the group should tell the facilitator that your group has finished its group work. Then go on to the individual work. Remember that you must work alone on those pages. You may not discuss the questions or share information.



3. After reviewing the work your group has done, where would you place the dam and how high would you make it? Why?

4. What social, environmental, and economic impacts would the location you chose for the dam have on the surrounding community?

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