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Contributed by: Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS)

Scoring Rubric Maximum Score - 10 Points

Item 1. Measure pulse rates and record in table - Quality of presentation 2 points total

    Point Criteria:
  • Presents at least 2 sets of measurements in table.
  • Measurements are paired: time and number of pulse beats.
  • Labels table appropriately: data entries in columns identified by headings and/or units; units incorporated into headings or placed beside each measurement; headings or units for the number of pulse beats include the time interval.

Item 1. Measure pulse rates and record in table - Quality of data 3 points total

    Point Criteria:
  • Makes at least 5 measurements (at rest, and 4 or more during exercise).
  • Pulse beats are plausible: 7 to 25 counts per ten seconds (40-150 counts per minute).
  • Pulse rate increases with exercise (may level off or slow near the end).

Item 2. Describe how pulse changes during exercise 2 points total

    Point Criteria:
  • Description consistent with data presented.
  • Description includes identification of the trend or pattern in the data.

Item 3. Explain why pulse changes 3 points total

    Point Criteria:
  • Includes the following three elements relating to physiological needs during exercise:
    • role of muscle action (exercise results in need for more energy and oxygen in the muscles);
    • role of blood (more oxygen or food supplied by an increase in blood flow);
    • connection with heart action or pulse rate, (heart is pumping faster to supply more blood).

    Highest possible score - 10 points


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