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Contributed by: The RAND Institute (RAND)
1993 Administration

Note: Graphs from the Incline task were used to illustrate the scoring criteria for graphs in the friction task. For Friction the horizontal axis should be labeled "Surface Texture (Board)" and the levels should be "Plain," "Felt," and "Sandpaper" (in that order). The vertical axis is the same, but the values should be 8, 12, and 17 (in that order).

Example 1

The following graph would receive a score of 2 points.
Point for... Points Received
Horizontal Axis: 1
Vertical Axis: 0 (not clearly equal interval)
Plotting all the points: 1-for this point and the last point a combined total of 1 point is given because of the 90 degree lines in the graph.
Plotting the points correctly: See above point.
Total Points 2

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