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Formation of Wind
Task with Student Directions

Grade 5-8 Performance Task
Contributed by: New York State Education Department (NYSED)
NYS Alternative Assessment in Science Project (1996)


At this station, you will determine the sequence of events in the formation of wind.


  • 6 "wind" cards
  • 1 blank card


Each of the six index cards you have been given has written on it a letter and a statement describing one of the events leading to the formation of wind.

  1. Spread the cards out on your desk, and read each statement carefully.

  2. Arrange the cards in the order in which they must occur to result in the formation of wind.

  3. When you are satisfied with your arrangement, record in the blanks below the numbers on the cards in the order you have placed them.


  4. Card G represents the final event which leads to the formation of wind. In a complete sentence, write a statement which describes this event.


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