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Task with Student Directions
Contributed by: Assessment of Performance Unit
1989 Administration

Task: At this station, you will estimate (make your own best guess at) the answer without using measuring instruments.


  • Plastic box with colored water labeled "C"
  • Green paper leaf labeled "L"
  • Wire circle
  • Rubber ball labeled "B"
  • Tube with water labeled "T"
  • Container labeled "C"
  • Wooden rod
  • Package labeled "P"
  1. How much colored water (cm3) is there in plastic box C?

  2. What is the area (cm2) of the green paper leaf L?

  3. How long (cm) is the wire that makes the circle?

  4. What is the mass (g) of ball B?

  5. How much water (cm3) is there in tube T?

  6. What is the area (cm2) of the bottom of container C?

  7. How long (cm) is the wooden rod?

  8. What force (N) do you use when you lift up parcel P by the loop of the string?

  9. What is the area (cm2) of the top of tube T?

  10. What is the mass (g) of the circle of wire?


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