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Density of a Sinker
Examples of Student Work
Contributed by: New York State Alternative Assessment in Science Project (NYSED)

Task: At this station, you will be determining the density of a sinker.


  • Spring scale or balance
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Beaker with water
  • Sinker
  • Calculator


  1. Find the mass of the sinker. Include units in your answer.
  2. In the space below, describe the procedures you will use to find the VOLUME of the sinker.
  3. Find the volume of the sinker. Include units in your answer.

  4. What is the density of the sinker? Round to the nearest tenth. Include units in your answer.

    Show your work in the space below using the formula:
    Density = Mass/Volume

  5. Suppose you cut the bottom half off the sinker. What would be the density of the upper half of the sinker? Explain your answer.


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