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Acid Rain and Its Effects
Contributed by: Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

The finished product of each group is evaluated to determine which of the following criteria have been met. One point is awarded for each criterion that is adequately addressed in the report submitted by the group.

Criterion 1: An experiment is designed to determine if the precipitation is acidic.


Criterion 2: An experiment is designed to determine the effects of acid rain



Students demonstrate exceptional understanding of the effects of acid rain.


Criterion 3: General description of acid rain. This should include discussion of where acid rain comes from. To meet this criterion, the students must show an understanding of their description of acid rain, i.e., information copied word for word from an encyclopedia without further discussion does not meet this criterion parameter.

Criterion 4: A plan is offered to reduce the amount of acid rain or prevent acid rain from developing.


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