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Classfication of Materials
Examples of Student Work

6th-8th Grade Performance Task
Contributed by: The RAND Institute (RAND)

Example 2 from 1993 (6th Grade) Format:

Example 2A: Group labels missing, but all 4 box labels form a valid cross-classification.

Example 2A: SCORING

There is evidence of an internal cross-classification based on the box labels and the materials in the boxes.

1) Column groups

0 points

2) Column property


0 points

3) Row groups


0 points

4) Row property


0 points

5) Box labels

Do not correspond to outside row and column labels

0 points

6) Materials

Does the material fit the box?

  • Based on this student's internal cross-classification, we may award points for all 8 materials.
8 points


Example 2B: No group labels, and one box label missing, wrong, or incomplete.

If a box label is missing, incorrect, or incomplete, student receives no points for materials in that row or column. This student receives 3 points for materials (sea star, bone, & shell).


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