Grades 5-6 Full Option Science System


Select the Full Option Science System (FOSS) you wish to assess, then click on the "Show Assessment Chart" submit button to view a chart of the the tasks that are intended to meet the standards you have selected.

Science concepts (from FOSS)
FOSS Environment Module. Introduces students to environmental factors that affect living things. Includes explorations involving levels of tolerance (5-6.1).
FOSS Mixtures/Solutions Module. Introduces students to mixtures, solutions, and simple chemical changes (5-6.2).
FOSS Landforms Module. Builds on earlier modules by introducing students to the forces that wear down and build up landforms, especially erosion and deposition. Includes skill development in transforming 3-dimensional forms to 2-dimensional forms; topographic map making and interpretation (5-6.3).
FOSS Variable Module. Introduces students to the idea that variables can be systematically managed to determine cause and effect relationships. Activites include development of graphing skills (5-6.4).
FOSS Food and Nutrition Module. Introduces students to nutrition factors, the effect they have on the human body, ways to test foods for these factors, and ways to examine and improve one's own eating habits (5-6.5).
FOSS Levers and Pulleys Module. Introduces students to the ideas of motion and forces through the application and usage of levers and pulleys. Includes mathematics and graphing techniques (5-6.6).
FOSS Water Module.Introduces students to heat energy, its effect upon different surfaces, and how it can be measured. Students identify and control the variables that effect heating of earth materials, water, and solar houses (5-6.7).
FOSS Models and Designs Module. Introduces students to both conceptual and concrete models, and they create a variety of solutions to design problems. (5-6.8).




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