Grades 3-4 Full Option Science System


Select the Full Option Science System (FOSS) you wish to assess, then click on the "Show Assessment Chart" submit button to view a chart of the the tasks that are intended to meet the standards you have selected.

Science concepts (from FOSS)
FOSS Structures of Life Module. Introduces students to a selected organisms (plants and crayfish) as they continue to study these organisms' responses to environmental changes (3-4.1).
FOSS Sound Module. Introduces students to the properties of sounds (3-4.2).
FOSS Earth Materials Module.Builds on the Pebbles, Sand and Silt module by introducing students to the concepts of rocks and minerals. Aspects of composition and decomposition and simple tests are also introduced (3-4.3).
FOSS Measurement Module. Introduces tools for metric measures; linear, volume, temperature, weight (mass) (3-4.4).
FOSS Human Body Module. Introduces students to the structure and function of the muscular-skeletal system (3-4.5).
FOSS Magnetism/Electricity Module. Introduces students to the properties of magnetism and electricity, including electromagnetism. Students use their experience with electromagnetism to design a telegraph (3-4.6).
FOSS Water Module.Builds on Solids and Liquids Module by introducing students to more advanced ideas related to the properties of water, including evaporation and condensation. Includes math and graphing techniques (3-4.7).
FOSS Ideas and Inventions Module.Introduces tools for discovering patterns not easily seen (e.g., chromatography). (3-4.8).




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