Features of Good Performance Assessment

Good assessment share five key features:

  1. Clear targets:

    • Provide clear descriptions of specific achievement expectations to be assessed.

    • Measure one or more of the four achievement expectations.

    • Assure that evaluators understand and remain aware of what they are assessing.

  2. Focused purpose:

    • Clarify the intended uses of the assessment results.

    • Specify whose information needs the assessment will meet: teachers, curriculum developers, and policymakers.

  3. Proper method:

    • Use an assessment method that is suited to the assessment goals (such as essays, direct communication, selected response or extended investigations).

  4. Sound sampling:

    • Provide a representative sample of all the questions that can be asked.

    • Produce results of maximum quality at minimum cost in time and effort.

    • Yield confident inferences about how the respondent would have done given all possible exercises.

  5. Accurate assessment free of bias and distortion:

    • Present sources of inference and error that may have affected the development and implementation of the assessment.

    • Anticipate sources of bias that can create ambiguity in results.

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